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Affinia Healthcare seeks feedback for community health needs assessment

After the 2021 Community Health Needs Assessment revealed a gap between healthcare needs and affordable services in the North County community, Affinia Healthcare responded by constructing the new Ferguson health center.

Affinia Healthcare is seeking the community’s input this year for the current Community Health Needs Assessment cycle. The assessment is being sent to the health center’s staff, patients, and community partners for their valued feedback. The link to the brief assessment is also being posted on the Affinia Healthcare social media feeds and website. There is a Spanish and English version and there will also be print versions in other languages available at the S. Broadway and Lemp Avenue locations.

“We exist to serve our community, and we rely on their feedback to ensure the care we provide is relevant, convenient and addressing the needs of the communities we are so proud to serve,” said Dr. Kendra Holmes, Affinia Healthcare President & CEO. “Our last assessment showed us we needed to pay closer attention to the health issues facing men, as well as the health needs of members of the LGBTQIA+ and our immigrant communities. We have since added initiatives and launched more programs and services to better address their concerns.”

Examples of this responsiveness also include the monthly Black men’s mental health sessions, an expanded partnership with The Empowerment Network to encourage prostate screenings, and the recently launched Black men’s health awareness campaign, ‘My Brother, You Good?’ Affinia Healthcare has also expanded its HIV awareness initiatives promoting PrEP preventive care and inclusive care for LGBTQIA+ community members.

The community health needs assessment will be open from July 8-19. Affinia Healthcare is also planning to hold focus group meetings to gather additional feedback.

To access the online versions of the survey, click the links below:

There are print versions of the assessment available in other languages as well (click the language to see documents):

For more information, please contact the Affinia Healthcare Communications department,

CAPTION: Affinia Healthcare launched the Black Men’s Mental Health Conversations in 2023. The 2021 Community Health Needs Assessment revealed a gap in the mental health offerings for Black men in the St. Louis area.