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Affinia Healthcare is committed to promoting a safe and healthy environment for our employees, patients, and visitors. Our mission is: “To provide high quality health care and exceptional service, while promoting healthy lifestyles.”

With this in mind, we acknowledge that a person has the right to personal safety, through concealed carry of a weapon and although this does not necessarily constitute a crime, in and of itself, it is a violation of Affinia Healthcare Policy to bring a weapon inside any Affinia Healthcare operated property, and therefore create the possibility of an unsafe weapons allowed on affinia healthcare property

This policy applies to all staff, as well as to our visitors who include, but are not necessarily limited to: job applicants, patients; volunteers; consultants; vendors and their employees; students; residents; and interns.

1. The bringing and/or carrying of any weapon are strictly prohibited, inside all Affinia Healthcare premises, including off-campus work locations.
2. “Weapons” include, but are not limited to, firearms, knives with blades exceeding four inches, tasers (Electronic Control Devices), pepper spray, mace, batons, bb/pellet guns, automatic knives, explosive devices, etc.
3. “Premises” include all buildings, campuses, entryways and walkways, green spaces, and vehicles that are owned, leased and/or rented by Affinia Healthcare. And the entry point to said premises shall be clearly marked as “Weapons Prohibited/Not Allowed”.

For the purposes of this policy, when encountering an individual that has been observed with a weapon, you shall proceed as follows:

1. Exit the space and contact central dispatch at extension 4444 and advise them of the circumstances.
2. Once security personnel arrive, they shall advise the individual of our policy and request that that they secure the weapon outside of the property. Should the site security personal be unavailable at the time of occurrence, a member of security management shall be notified and dispatched to the location.

If the individual complies with the direction of the security personal, they shall be allowed to reenter and, if at all possible, be seen for their regularly scheduled appointment.

1. If the individual refuses to comply, the subject should be advised to leave the premises and provided a telephone number, in order gain additional information regarding the company policy.
2. If the individual continues to refuse to comply or violates an additional policy (peace disturbance, assault, etc.), security personal should contact central dispatch and request law enforcement and a security supervisor (manager/coordinator) respond.

Should the individual fail to comply with policy and/or commit an additional policy violation, a report should be generated and forwarded for review and/or action to Corporate Compliance Department.

Additionally, once safe to do so, notification shall be made to the site administration (Assistant V.P. of Health Center Operations, director, manager, etc.) of the occurrence.

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