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November 30, 2021 is #GivingTuesday! Now, more than ever, the unmet healthcare needs in our community need our attention, as the most vulnerable need us most! To support the Affinia Healthcare Foundation please visit #affiniahealthcarefoundation

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Affinia Healthcare is

a dynamic and transformative health system, providing affordable primary and preventive health care services to residents of St. Louis and surrounding areas. Our facilities are staffed and equipped to provide comprehensive Primary Care Services in addition to an array of Health Support Services and Community Health Programs. Ensuring our neighbors a balanced, healthy future is our fundamental goal.

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Dr. Melissa Tepe.

March 25, 2020



















School Physicals

School Physicals and Childhood Immunizations available. Please call us at 314-814-8700 for an appointment!

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Presione aquí para ver el horario de pruebas COVID-19 en Español
If you missed the Facebook Live presentation of our COVID-19 Vaccine
Expert Panel Discussion, you can view the recorded version by clicking HERE


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Tele Health Now Available!

Please call us at 314-814-8700 for an appointment!

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