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Affinia Healthcare Telehealth – Expert Care in Your Hands.

Can’t make it to the office for your follow-up visit? Have a cold or COVID-19 symptoms? If you have a smartphone, tablet or computer, Affinia Healthcare can see you – and you don’t have to leave home. Established Affinia Healthcare patients can use our telehealth services for follow-up care and patient consultation.

Healthcare Comes to You!

Affinia Healthcare Telehealth services is an option for patients to continue care via our secure, on-line video portal.

Is a Telehealth visit an option for you? 

Telehealth can make it easier to visit your healthcare providers. Telehealth can offer a convenient option for follow-up appointments, continuing needed therapies, medical advice and recommendations. When an in-person visit is not practical or feasible, telehealth access can also help preserve the patient-provider relationship. While telehealth visits through our secure video portal are our preference, we realize not all patients can access them. We also offer Telehealth visits via the telephone for those unable to use video services. 

• COVID-19 or cold symptoms and treatment
• Chronic Disease (high blood pressure, diabetes, weight) management
• Review of home monitored sugar or blood pressure readings
• Behavioral Health and Counseling support
• Medication Management
• Lab result consultation and recommendations
• Care Management for patients who have difficulty accessing care
• New patients may utilize telehealth for COVID positive treatment consultation

Your Privacy is a Top Priority ? 

Affinia Healthcare utilizes Otto for our telehealth appointments. Otto is a secure and HIPAA compliant telehealth service. Telehealth appointments are conducted in private areas and will never occur in public or when individuals who are not part of a HIPAA-covered entity are present. Patients should also ensure they are in a private and safe environment and are not driving.

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