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For adults and children, Affinia Healthcare provides Integrated Mental Health Services and Integrated Behavioral Health Services through a collaboration with the BJC Behavioral Health, Inc. Affinia Healthcare‘s Licensed Clinical Social Workers collaborate with the Primary Care Providers, Psychiatrists and work as Behavioral Health Specialists.

Someone who is feeling depressed, feeling anxious or having any other symptoms of mental or behavioral distress can receive counseling services from our clinical social workers.

Patients who are in need of medications for their condition are treated by a team of Affinia Healthcare physicians, social workers and the psychiatrist. Patients who need inpatient treatment and mental health case management are referred other psychiatric facilities.

For a referral to Affinia Healthcare’s Adult Mental Health services, please call the main number at 314-898-1700 and ask for a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

Substance Abuse Program

If you need drug abuse help, you’re not alone. More than 22 million Americans are currently struggling with substance abuse – nearly 9% of the population. Even occasional use can escalate quickly into mental and physical dependency and, like any addiction, it can be hard to break free. Affinia Healthcare is here to help.

Click here to learn more about our Substance Abuse Program.

Pain Management Services

Affinia Healthcare instituted an integrated pain management program in 2017 that provides patients who are suffering from chronic pain with optimal treatment towards minimizing their pain and its impact on their mental, social, and physical functioning. Over use of pain medication often results in medical risks, chemical dependency, dangerous sedation and may cause accidental death. This model of care includes a team based approach with visits to the medical provider, pharmacist and behavioral health consultant.

Using a multi-modality treatment approach, the primary care provider will assess the patient, provide medical work up, provide diagnosis and prescribe needed medication. The providers will review the state-wide Cyber Access portal for Medicaid and Medicare patients to evaluate patient ER visits, provide medication reconciliation, review medications and provide medication recommendations.

The behavioral health consultant will evaluate and conduct a psycho-social assessment, assess risks and patient strengths and provide motivational interviewing that instills behavioral activation. During the course of several group visits, the behavioral health consultant provides motivational interviewing and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and provides educational information to activate behavioral, psychological and social factors that impact pain. Patients are educated on mind-body self care skills, activity pacing, sleep hygiene, mindfulness, and relaxation.

Patients should talk with their provider about our innovative pain management services.

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