Statement on Oct. 24 School Shooting

A message on behalf of our leaders at Affinia Healthcare

The school shooting on Monday, this time in our own backyard at Central Visual and Performing Arts High School, is tragic and heartbreaking. Our sympathies and concerns go out on behalf of the lost and injured. Our hearts suffer for the students, families, and communities reeling over this senseless act.

As we think through and try to process this tragedy, we will ask ourselves how this could have happened, and perhaps what we could have done. Schools are places of learning, growth, and development. Our children, their teachers, and school officials and staff should expect that when they are at school; they are in a safe environment.

If you need help processing these emotions or just need someone to talk to, there are several resources available. Affinia Healthcare (and many other employers) have Employee Assistance Plans. For Affinia Healthcare, these services are provided anonymously and free of charge to our staff. For our communities, we offer resources for children and adults at our 1717 Biddle and 2220 Lemp locations, and at our school-based health centers at the Normandy High School, Confluence Aspire Academy, and Lift for Life campuses. The City of St. Louis Department of Health also has resources available. You may visit this website: Behavioral Health (

With gratefulness and respect, our executives and board of directors acknowledge the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department, school safety officers, first responders, and school administrators and educators for their swift and selfless response on Monday, and their ongoing efforts to help our students and those who support them remain safe. Affinia Healthcare strives to help children and their families live healthy, productive lives. Gun violence is a direct threat to this goal, and a public health crisis. We will continue to partner with others in our region to further address this critical, life-threatening issue.