dr holmes interviewed by ch 4 at int'l institute press conference

Affinia Healthcare partners with International Institute, Greater St. Louis Inc. on new immigrant initiative

Affinia Healthcare President & CEO Kendra Holmes, Greater St. Louis, Inc. CEO Jason Hall, and Afghan refugee and local business owner Mohammed Raza Hassani joined Arrey Obenson, President and CEO of the International Institute of St. Louis (IISTL), to discuss an urgent humanitarian need — and a major opportunity for the St. Louis region.

 The three organizations recently held a press conference at the International Institute of St. Louis to inform the community of the anticipated influx of immigrants and how the community can help support these new residents.

IISTL is currently welcoming the largest influx of immigrants and refugees to the St. Louis region in nearly 30 years. The Institute is on track to resettle approximately 2,500 new arrivals this year — the largest influx since the Bosnians in the 1990s. While the International Institute is grateful for the opportunity to serve, the organization is in urgent need of support to adequately welcome these new arrivals. “We are excited to see the robust numbers in our immigrant community,” Obenson said. “The positive impact our foreign-born population has on the region is well documented, but our resettlement efforts require significant resources. We are issuing a call for volunteers and financial donations.”

Affinia Healthcare has served immigrant communities since its founding as the Holy Cross Dispensary in 1906.

“Affinia Healthcare has led the charge in providing quality culturally competent health care to immigrant and refugee communities. We pride ourselves on caring for everyone that walks through our doors, but the increasing number of new arrivals demands a collective effort from the medical community” Dr. Holmes said. “This call to action includes the healthcare community because a health screening is a vital service for new arrivals as they make a home in St. Louis.”

Link to KMOV news story: https://www.firstalert4.com/2024/06/25/international-institute-healthcare-business-leaders-call-help-amid-influx-refugees-immigrants/