woman getting a mammogram

New Partnership Aims to Increase Access to Breast Health Care for Underserved Communities

     Affinia Healthcare is continuing to build upon its award-winning women’s healthcare offering with a new partnership for breast cancer prevention and care.

Affinia Healthcare is joining forces with Gateway to Hope, an organization that provides early prevention and free education on breast care and cancer by working to heal families and communities, with equitable, life-saving treatments, and compassionate breast health care.

“Breast cancer has a 90+ percent cure rate, when caught soon enough and treated,” said Dr. Kendra Holmes, Affinia Healthcare President & CEO. “The care exists, but access to it is inequitable; African-American women have a 40 percent higher death rate than White women. This partnership allows us to address this inequity and provide high-quality breast health care to women in our community when they need it. This partnership will help save lives.”

When Affinia Healthcare’s exceptional care team identifies a patient in need of breast health care, Gateway to Hope will help by navigating patients to — and through — the process of screening, diagnostics and treatment as needed. By providing critical information, emotional and logistical support, and financial assistance, the partnership aims to remove barriers that exist all too often for patients and families.

“This new partnership between Affinia Healthcare and Gateway to Hope will ensure more women can access community resources, financial and emotional assistance, and essential programs like Show Me Healthy Women – our state’s program that pays for the cost of breast screening for eligible women,” said Katie Manga, CEO for Gateway to Hope. “In turn, more women will be screened and diagnosed early enough to receive the affordable, effective treatment they need and deserve.”

This program and partnership are a response to an urgent situation. Gateway to Hope is here to serve all of Affinia Healthcare’s patients who need breast healthcare, including routine screening mammograms, diagnostic care, and even breast cancer treatment if needed.

Affinia Healthcare is accepting appointments for mammograms through its partnership with BJC Healthcare. To schedule an appointment, please call 314-814-8552, or email nmurtic@affiniahealthcare.org.