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HRSA awards Affinia Healthcare generous grant for COVID vaccines, treatment

COVID-19 is making an unwelcome return and cases are starting to increase. Affinia Healthcare has received funding to ramp up the battle against the virus.

The Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) has awarded Bridge funding to Affinia Healthcare to continue providing equitable access to COVID-19 testing, vaccination, and treatment to the uninsured.

Affinia Healthcare received $172,152, the highest award amount for all community health centers in the state of Missouri.

“Our teams do tremendous work to ensure the community receives these services,” said Dr. Melissa Tepe, Affinia Healthcare Vice President & Chief Medical Officer. “I’m so pleased that our efforts are recognized and will allow us to help prevent COVID-19 infections and treat patients who need care.”

The Federal Drug Administration recently approved this season’s batch of COVID-19 vaccines and boosters, which will be available at Affinia Healthcare, tentatively in October. The funding will allow Affinia Healthcare to offer the vaccines and boosters at no charge to those without health insurance.

“As COVID numbers start to rise, awards like these will ensure our communities have access to these needed treatments,” said Dr. Kendra Holmes, Affinia Healthcare President & CEO. “We know how to minimize illness and deaths due to COVID; testing and vaccines save lives and keep people out of the hospital. This grant will help us put what we’ve learned into action.”