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Affinia Healthcare’s Child Developmental Center (CDC) was established in 1996 to offer the community a place where parents could receive help if they had a concern about their child’s emotional, behavioral or intellectual development.

The CDC offers wraparound treatment through a multidisciplinary team  of specialists including psychologists, psychiatrists, clinical social workers , and a speech therapist. The CDC staff work hard to coordinate care with your child’s primary care physician and school personnel in order to provide a team-based approach.  Treatments provided at the CDC include individual and family therapy, medication management, and speech therapy.

Affinia Healthcare’s CDC serves children from 2 to 18 years of age. If you are interested in obtaining services for your child at the CDC, a parent or legal guardian is welcome to walk-in at either our 1717 Biddle or 2220 Lemp location and request an intake packet. Once the intake paperwork is completed, your child will be scheduled to see a member of the CDC team for further evaluation during which your concerns will be discussed and treatment recommendations will be made.

At the CDC, we understand that seeking out help for concerns that you have about your child can be difficult. CDC staff strives to provide you with compassionate and professional care in order to promote your child and family’s social and emotional growth and well being.

Children’s Developmental Services are available at our 1717 Biddle Street and 2220 Lemp Avenue locations. For more information on Children’s Developmental Services, call Affinia Healthcare at 314-814-8616 for an appointment at the Biddle Street location or 314-814-8777 for Lemp Avenue.

Emotional, behavioral, and intellectual development care for your child.

Additional Details on the CDC

To ensure early recognition and intervention for specific neurological and/or behavioral or emotional problems, the CDC provides the following services:

Initial assessment process usually occurs within 48 hours of referral. We collaborate with St. Louis Children’s Hospital, Washington University School of Medicine, and the child’s pediatrician.

Affinia's Team of Professionals

The CDC implements a multi-modal management approach. Our team of professionals consists of:

Typical Issues Seen at the CDC

Below is a list of behaviors that parents describe as causing them the most difficulty:

Diagnoses Managed at the CDC

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