Affinia Healthcare Provides COVID-19 Testing Station in North St. Louis City

On April 2nd, Affinia Healthcare will begin providing a COVID-19 testing station at its 1717 Biddle Street location in north St. Louis. This site is within walking distance of several public housing buildings and the largest homeless shelter in our region. The service is made possible in part by generous support from the St. Louis Regional Health Commission.

“Screening and testing individuals who are at high risk for COVID-19 is a vital aspect of the fight against further spread and loss of lives” stated Dr. Melissa Tepe, Chief Medical Officer at Affinia Healthcare. “Until now, there were no testing stations available in north St. Louis.”

Affinia Healthcare will deploy one of its mobile health units (RVs) as the staging station for COVID-19 testing. A tent will be set up, where patients who have a testing appointment may drive (or walk) through.

Individuals who are concerned they have COVID-19 symptoms may call Affinia Healthcare for a phone screening and to receive a testing appointment, or other instructions. The number is (314) 833-2777.

“Providing essential health care services and assuring continuity of care have been aspects of our vital mission for more than a century,” noted Dr. Alan Freeman, President and CEO of Affinia Healthcare. “We trust that this temporary testing station, provided over a few weeks and as testing supplies are available, will serve a critical need in North St. Louis.”

Affinia Healthcare provides primary care medical, dental, mental health and substance use disorder treatment including Medication Assisted Treatment for opioid additions, pharmacy, lab, WIC, interpretation services, homeless community health, urgent care, and other services. Affinia Healthcare serves over 43,700 people per year of whom 90% have incomes under 100% of the federal poverty line. Affinia Healthcare depends on a wide array of funding sources and individual donor contributions to care for the most vulnerable and disenfranchised in our community.

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