affinia healthcare enters partnership with city hope stl for unhoused

Affinia Healthcare, City Hope STL Partner to Provide Healthcare for Unhoused Residents

Affinia Healthcare has entered into a partnership with City Hope St. Louis to provide healthcare services for unhoused individuals and families.

Through this agreement Affinia Healthcare will provide medical, dental, optical and medical case management to individuals and families affiliated with City Hope St. Louis. In addition to the medical services, Affinia Healthcare will also provide mental health services, referrals to City Hope St. Louis for shelter and related services, as well as assistance with transportation from the shelter to medical appointments.

“We’re extremely excited and grateful to have this agreement in place but Affinia Healthcare has been a constant help to our guests for some time now,” said Bishop Michael Robinson, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of City Hope St. Louis. “We have worked with DeAndre [Commons, Unhoused Manager] and his team for some time so we know how attentive and resourceful they are. Whatever we need, they make sure it happens. We know that our guests will continue to benefit from this important partnership.”

In addition to the services listed, Affinia Healthcare and City Hope St. Louis will coordinate additional services including medical case management, vaccination clinic and services, assistance with medical insurance and procedures, and life-skills training.

“Providing healthcare to the unhoused community is a fundamental component of the healthcare services we offer,” said Dr. Kendra Holmes, Affinia Healthcare President and CEO. “Our Unhoused Services team provides these services with care and compassion and this partnership with City Hope St. Louis is one of the ways we are able to reach those who have the highest need for care. We are extremely grateful to work with Bishop Robinson and his team to serve this community.”