Affinia Healthcare Dental Partner:

The RalphCares Public Charity distributes dental care bags to pediatric patients throughout the St. Louis area. The bags are filled with items such as toothbrushes, floss, toothpaste, and more. Affinia Healthcare appreciates its partners such as RalphCares as together we ensure those who are most vulnerable in our community receive the resources they need to lead happy healthy lives.


To learn more about The RalphCares Public Charity click here.

Mobile Medical and Dental Services

 Affinia Healthcare offers medical and dental services for school age children via two state-of-the-art mobile health units.

Affinia Healthcare continually strives to strengthen the safety net for children by increasing accessibility of health services, to improve the health, education and overall lives of children.

Affinia Healthcare services are coordinated through the school nurse. This ensures that children who need services are properly identified.

Affinia Healthcare’s school-based services link children and families to a wide variety of services offered at any of our health centers, as well as coordinated care and follow up.



The medical mobile unit features two private exam rooms, wheelchair lift and a comfortable registration/waiting area for up to three children. The following services are offered at schools: Annual physical exams and sports physicals; Routine and timely immunizations; Vision screenings; Hearing screenings; Age appropriate health education; and Asthma screenings and services.

The dental mobile unit features two private operatories, x-ray capabilities, wheelchair lift, and a comfortable registration / waiting area for up to four children. The following services are offered at schools: Comprehensive dental exams; Cleanings; Fluoride varnish and sealant applications; Treatment/fillings; simple extractions; Baby root canals/stainless steel crowns; Space maintenance; and Age-appropriate dental health education.

For more information regarding our Mobile Medical Services, call 314-814-8694.

For more information regarding our Mobile Dental  Services, call 314-814-8597.