Pace Yourself

Tis the season….to increase awareness of the effects of winter holiday celebrations. As festive as the holiday can be, this is also a very stressful time of year. We have to be purposeful in taking care of our overall well being during the holidays; which include our mental, emotional and behavioral health. This is also the particular time of the year to be mindful of our alcohol consumption.


The Missouri Institute of Mental Health and the Missouri Department of Mental Health have suggested the following as the standard drinking limits for adults: Men (21 or older) no more than 4 just_drinks_for_web2drinks in one day or 14 drinks in a week; Women (21 or older) no more than 3 drinks in one day or 7 drinks in a week. Also, the size of a standard drink is as follows: a serving of a sherry liqueur or aperitif should equal 4 oz; a glass of wine should equal 5 oz; a 12 oz bottle of ordinary beer, ale, malt liquor or wine cooler is a serving and a single shot of spirits – such as whiskey, gin or vodka should equal 1.5 oz

High-risk drinking is a party spoiler. The effects of high-risk drinking include but are not limited to aggressiveness, irrational behavior, argumentativeness, violence, general nervousness and depression. Therefore, a good rule of thumb would be not to consume more than one drink per hour. Sure, metabolism varies, but generally our bodies metabolize one drink per hour, so drink slowly!


Other tips include: the avoidance of making alcohol the main focus of the social events; having something non-alcoholic in between drinks; eating food with your drink; and whenever possible – measure the alcohol going into your drink so that you know how much alcohol you’re consuming. If you are hosting the party, stop serving alcohol one hour before the end of the event. Instead, serve coffee, non- alcoholic beverages and deserts during that hour.


Remember, it is never safe to drink and drive. Always, always have a designated driver planned beforehand. It’s a statistical fact that impaired driving increases during the holiday season.


Affinia Healthcare wishes you and yours a very happy and healthy Holiday Season!