Steward of Healthcare

It is not uncommon for Affinia Healthcare medical providers to travel abroad and serve as healthcare stewards for communities that need it most.

Dr. Margaret Baum (OB-GYN) recently returned from China after volunteering for the Global Health Initiative called No Pain Labor and Delivery. The initiative is a long-term project involving obstetricians, anesthesiologists and neonatologists.

The group works in concert to reduce the high C-section rate in China, and improve the safety of labor and delivery for moms and babies.

Dr. Baum has traveled with the organization every year for the last eight years. She provides free surgery for gynecology, patients who otherwise could not afford it.


baum-1I chose medicine and specifically OB/GYN, as a career because I wanted to do something useful. I have been graced with advantages that most women in the world do not enjoy–safety, freedom, availability of education and have always felt a sense of obligation to put these to good use. I want to be a good steward of that which has been given to me. I believe that all women deserve safe, appropriate and competent care. I have chosen to work overseas where care is often not available. Similarly, I choose to practice medicine at Affinia Healthcare because we care for an underserved population, and as much as we would like to believe that healthcare is equal and available in our country, this is often not the case and I hope that my work here plays a part in decreasing these inequalities…”

Dr. Margaret Baum, Affinia Healthcare OB/GYN